About the Hempstead Volunteer Fire Department

The Hempstead Fire Department was organized on December 15, 1832, making it one of the oldest fire departments in Nassau County. When established, the department was made up of only one fire company, Eagle Fire Company No. 1 which consisted of twenty members. This single company and small number of members were charged with solely protecting Hempstead from any and all fire hazards. Unfortunately, buildings that caught fire usually burned to the ground due to inadequate and makeshift equipment.

The Village of Hempstead became incorporated in 1853 and was a central “hub” for residents, visitors, and businesses on Long Island. There was a heavy focus on fire protection then with its three fire protection companies, Eagle Fire Company No. 1, Union Fire Engine Company No. 2, and Harper Hook & Ladder Company No. 1. All three companies worked together with the residents of the village to battle blazes. Throughout the years to follow, several fire protection companies were created and dissolved within the Hempstead Fire Department.

Now, the Hempstead Fire Department has grown to 5 engine companies, 2 truck companies, 3 hose companies, a Fire Police Squad, a Rescue Squad, and over 200 members that protect the residents and property of the Incorporated Village of Hempstead. A protection area of nearly 4 square miles, more than 55,000 residents, and over 15,000 homes. The Hempstead Fire Department is one of the busiest fire departments in Nassau County with an average of 1800 fire calls and 250 EMS calls every year.

Throughout all the years and changes in the fire service, the core values of the Hempstead Fire Department have always remained the same, the fire protection and safety for all Hempstead Village residents, visitors, and businesses.